Photo of the Day – January 17th, 2022

Swirling and dancing with the waves of the deep blue comes this beautiful mermaid, by the wonderful artist Tamzin Xigalia, clad in the lovely gifts from all the sea creatures in her realm. The delicate allure of the mother-of-pearl, the fresh water lilies, and the sunshine reflected on her bright scales all make her beauty stand out. What are you looking for, lonely princess? Does your mesmerizing voice charm sailors down to their watery graves? Amazing composition and color, Tamzin!

Chronicles & Legends: The Deep Blue runs from January 15th to February 5th. Do you have the courage to traverse the oceans blue and face pirates, mermaids, and who knows what other creatures from the mysterious depths? The Deep Blue is filled with magnificent sea creatures, magical selkies, giant octopuses, submarines, and more! But look out for the beautiful yet dangerous mermaids, the pirate scoundrels, and maybe a Kraken or two! Step onto the shores of Nymphai and set sail to your new adventure. Many amazing creations await you at the ports and docks of SL’s best, newest, and brightest artists.

Come and give Chronicles and Legends a visit.
Dates: January 15th – February 5th, 2022
Theme: The Deep Blue – Pirates, Mermaids & Krakens