Live Long & Use The Force Hunt Guide

Welcome to another epic round of Chronicles & Legends! We are so honored to have you join us for this exciting event and hunt! Will you be tempted by the dark side or will you follow the path of light? Do you wish to explore the Final Frontier of space or conquer it? No matter the path you choose you will find adventure and make new friends . . . or enemies. Board your spacecraft and travel the galaxy in search of loot that is out of this world! Once victorious, come and take a visit to the planet of Nymphai, a new world in between two dimensions in time and space. There you will find many different new inspired creations from some of SL’s best, newest, and brightest artists!

Have fun and remember to join the Chronicles & Legends Update Group or our Discord Server for help with the hints, event information, and friendship with some amazing people.

If you’d like to see the prizes for the round you can check out our Discord as linked above or the Shopping Guide on the website.

The hunt starts at the entrance of Chronicles & Legends. Simply click the hunt prim example by the Live Long, Prosper & Use the Force HUNT sign to receive your landmark to your first destination. You’ll be looking for a combadge in each of the stores you visit! The landmark to the next location will be located in the folder along with your prize. Hints can be found at each store by clicking the example on the hunt sign, alternatively you can use this page for hints.


~Click here to go to starting point!~

[high v. ]

“the force is strong with this one”


“March to the arch and the ivy green, this is where I can be seen.”

Ab.Fab Skins & Fantasy

Hunt Hint1: “i am lost in a corner”
Hunt Hint2: “I am next to Nighshade”


“The Wild Green Plant Holds the key!”

[VSM] devil inside…

“It’s really time to start the machines, explore the space and get the reward!”

:FNY: Designs

“A fallen hawk burrows a treasure.”


“Birds of a feather”

Cherry Bunny~

“On the Sky i Saw landing a Ship, but confuse it i did, and though it was a bird… Now the Golden bars is where it sleep”


“You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them!”

Zen Child Designs

“Take a seat, commander”


“Expand into space!”

Deadly Nightshade

“While the moon still shines, she will bless you!”

Bee’s That Way Designs (BTW)

“That coffee smells good…”

Eclectic Stars

“She might be Trek’s best communications officer of all time!”


“By the entrance of another world”

Tulssy Nail’s Art

“May the force be with you”

Idunn’s Apple

“We circle the sun, but I have rings.”


“Is Spot Starfleet now?”


“A Room Without Books is like a Body Without a Soul :)”


“Follow the rabbit”