Oracle Oasis at Chronicles and Legends

You’ve Already Made The Choice. You’re Here To Understand Why You’ve Made It.

Oracle in The Matrix

Loverdag‘s extraordinary image is a testament to pure, unaltered Second Life beauty, created without the use of any external editing programs. What you see is a raw and unadulterated masterpiece that captures the essence of Second Life in its most authentic form.

In this latest creation, Loverdag skillfully incorporates the mystique of tarot, with vibrant colors emanating from the captivating tattoo. While the warm and affectionate embrace isn’t the central focus, its presence adds a layer of beauty and depth to the composition.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the Oracle Oasis round of Chronicles and Legends, where you can explore more of Loverdag’s awe-inspiring work before it vanishes into the depths of the virtual realm tomorrow.

Chronicles and Legends runs from September 8th to the 30th.