Our Team

Duchess Flux

Duchess Flux is a manager of many stores in SL including Hextraordinary, Pure Poison, Eudora3D, Atame, Sweet Thing, and many many more! She is co-owner of Chronicles and Legends, Owner of Enchantment, and Owner of Wanderlust Weekend.

Sugah Pancake

Sugah Pancake is an avid blogger and sl artist who loves fantasy and science fiction.  It is her passion and hobby.  Each photo is an expression of her vast imagination and moods.


Sarah, secretly a mermaid, loves getting lost in fairy tales and is thrilled to help bring both Enchantment and Chronicles & Legends to life. She is easily distracted by shiny things, and waffles.

Synful Ghost

Synful is a blogger in Second Life that really enjoys weird, obscene, cyberpunk, sci-fi, grotesque, fantasy, urban, and horror-type elements. She is also a furry or at least pretends to be. Her fursona is a mutant zonathrope species. She manages various events in SL as well as assists with the Enchantment event.

Crymson Marder

Just your friendly neighborhood zombehgrrl shapeshifter keeping it 100% Diva. If they're not responding, they're likely chasing down a creator, setting up a Discord server, or giving someone a makeover they definitely didn't ask for. Pronouns, much like her/his attention span, are fluid. Sagittarius Sun/Leo Moon - will move heaven and earth to keep a promise given.

Laura (Auralblues)

Arualblues (aka Laura) is a happy blogger, telling her sweet, sad, creepy little stories through her photos. If a theme is happy and jolly, you can count on her to give it a gloomy or macabre spin and run with it.
Laura also co-owns and manages a store together with her lackey, I mean husband. Through her products, as well as in her blog photos, she expresses her love for all things dark, fantasy, steampunk, and more.
When properly caffeinated, she's nice enough and she's happy to help out in any way she can.