Chronicles & Legends Vendor Terms and Rules

Event Terms & Rules:

**This is an Original Mesh event only! This means no templates or 3rd party mesh is allowed. The exception are pose creators who use full perm mesh as part of small props.

**Some rounds may require an application to be filled out for theme purposes. This is to make sure our events are balanced when it comes to content sold. Filling out an application does not automatically guarantee a space for you in a round.

**Item(s) must be made specifically for the event. (In some cases we will allow additional items to accompany your NEW item(s) that have been sold previously in your store IF (and only IF) they are obvious items from the current theme or story. Contact Duchess Flux for item verification.)

**We now allow items with updated body/head sizing, skin updates, animations, bento or animesh updates that are older than 3 years. Please make sure anything you submit as an exclusive fits our theme.

**We do not allow any gacha like machine or game in our event. We do not care if they are Linden Labs approved. We have chosen to not allow them for Chronicles & Legends as they are no copy items that do not provide redelivery. If you wish use a gacha style machine then please apply to our Enchantment Event where we do allow them.

**Item/s cannot be sold elsewhere during the event, but may be sold after the event if the creator chooses.
**Each submission must coincide with the current round’s theme or story. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the theme or story. (Each round of CHRONICLES will have a mood board in order to help, inspire, or simply entertain)

**All Creators MUST send a blog pack either through our blogger skybox system or sent directly to bloggers. We use a whitelist system for blog pack delivery so only those participating in our current round will be able to access the packs.

**Please have review items ready to be given to the blogging team during set up (or before). Our bloggers play a very important role in getting people excited for the upcoming event, so let’s get these items to them on time.

**Chronicles is a quarterly event and opens the 2nd Friday of the month at Noon (Slt.) All deadlines, openings and activities have a Noon (12 SLT) deadline in order to have staff available to assist with any issues should they arise.

**Items should be inspired by the story or theme. If you are unsure if an idea is appropriate, just ask.  All vendors are allowed to add past items as long as they fit the current story.

**Applying for a Sponsor Booth does not automatically guarantee a sponsor spot for the round.

**A group space is required for the Chronicles Backstage and for Ippos Management groups. Ippos is for land rezzing during set up only.

➳ ➳ Once invited and you have confirmed, please visit the payment center at the IPPOS Headquarters and pay your rental box.
Pricing is as follows:
SPONSOR Booth: 6000L
VENDOR Booth: 3000L