Mysteries Never Told at Chronicle & Legends

She was a gypsy soul, entwining herself with naturein each place where the traveling winds of her hearttook her. the sun made love to her skin as shelistened to the flowers grow, and her heart matched the rhythm of the deep heartbeat of the earth. She was adored by the moon, and wild creatures seemed to know her. She could hear and feel things thatothers couldn’t, and because of this, she knew mysteries which she never told. These secrets left a perpetual half-smile on her face which had people staring curiously at her, wondering , as she passed by.
John Mark Green

Blu Moonwall‘s breathtaking image, “Mysteries Never Told,” spins a visual tapestry of enchantment, unveiling the captivating tale of an enigmatic oracle. This bewitching masterpiece ensnares our senses like a potent love charm, luring us into the mystical realm of this remarkable fortune teller. Her gaze possesses an otherworldly allure, while her surroundings cocoon us in an aura of unfathomable secrets. Immerse yourself in your own magical journey at the Oracle Oasis, part of the Chronicles and Legends event. Discover the mysteries that await you!

Chronicles and Legends runs from September 8th to the 30th.