Darkness Reigns at Chronicles and Legends

Rain-showers of wounds, blood, fell far and wide on the fields, and vikings waded through warrior’s blood; the wolf could sustain itself there.

Translated from an Old Norse poem

Step into the enchanting world of Blu Moonwall‘s mesmerizing masterpiece, ‘Wounds of Blood,’ where darkness and magic intertwine with breathtaking artistry. Blu, the conjurer of this visual spell, sits gracefully at a Valhalla Norse Altar, clutching a large, ominous blade that oozes crimson into an awaiting offering chalice bowl. Bathed in the flickering embrace of the altar’s candles, Blu’s presence evokes a profound sense of power and enigma. This captivating creation, a testament to Blu’s remarkable talent, invites you to embrace your own mystical depths. Discover your hidden allure within the Oracle Oasis, a realm of Chronicles and Legends.

Chronicles and Legends runs from September 8th to the 30th.