Cosmic Allure at Chronicles and Legends

Tis but an houre agoe, since it was nine, And after one houre more, ’twill be eleven, And so from houre to houre, we ripe, and ripe, And then from houre to houre, we rot, and rot, And thereby hangs a tale When I did heare The motley Foole, . . . I did laugh, sans intermission An houre by his diall.


Gwen Enchanted‘s captivating image transports us to an enchanting gallery where the armillary sphere reigns supreme. The sphere’s intricate metals glisten brilliantly in the ambient light, creating an aura of cosmic allure. Gwen’s composition skillfully captures the essence of boundless wonder and cosmic connections, making the Beautiful Aetheric Armillary the star of this mesmerizing visual narrative. Head to the Oracle Oasis round of Chronicles and Legends to find your gallery assets!

Chronicles and Legends runs from September 8th to the 30th.