Chronicles & Legends – Photo of The Day – July 17, 2021

Today’s Photo is by artist Kynne Llewellyn. Long live the queen! Today’s image gives us a softer side of science fiction with a beautiful queen and her faithful robot friend. While the scene is dusty and arid the queen is dressed in lush colors and soft clothing exuding a sense of elegance. The contrast of the greens and yellows allows our eyes to focus on the subject of the photo. The scene brings out a sense of imagination about the various worlds that may exist in such a strange galaxy. Amazing work Kynne.

Chronicles & Legends: Live Long, Prosper, & Use the Force is now open. Will you be tempted by the dark side or will you follow the path of light? Do you wish to explore the Final Frontier of space or conquer it? No matter the path you choose you will find adventure and make new friends . . . or enemies. Come and take a visit to the planet of Nymphai, a new world in between two dimensions in time and space. There you will find many different new inspired creations from some of SL’s best, newest, and brightest artists.

Come and give Chronicles and Legends a visit.
Dates: July 10th – July 31st, 2021
Theme: Live Long, Prosper, & Use The Force


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