Open:Air Presents The Deep Blue Sea DJ Parties – Stranger Nightfire Reads

Open:Air presents 3 amazing DJ events for the Pirates, Mermaids, and Krakens round of Chronicles and Legends.

Dates: Tuesday, January 18, 25th, and Feb 1st 2022

Stranger Nightfire Reads @ 2pm slt (1400) on Jan. 16th, 25th. & Feb. 1st

He has been wandering around Second Life for about 14 years now. Been doing music gigs on and off for the better part of that time, singing and accompanying on guitar along with real-life experience that consisted of coffee houses and such back in the day. It was eclectic, folk, country, love to cover singer-songwriters like Dylan, Cohen, Kristofferson. Never know when he might through in something anywhere from Cole Porter to Concrete Blond.

Also been frequenting SL poetry events and reading poems by himself and by others. Recently been doing some longer literary reads. One specifically is at Artspace Hangout, open:air, every Tuesday in the sci-fi construct @ 2pm (1400). Slurl is:

Stranger has helped facilitate discussion groups and has been known for creating annual holiday builds and events.


Jan 18 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Chronicles & Legends Event


Chronicles & Legends Event
Clementine Rosca


Clementine Rosca
Inworld name: Clementine Rosca