Open:Air Presents The Deep Blue Sea DJ Parties – DJ Soul Fingah

Open:Air presents 3 amazing DJ events for the Pirates, Mermaids, and Krakens round of Chronicles and Legends.

Dates: Tuesday, January 18, 25th, and Feb 1st 2022

3-5pm – DJ Soul Fingah

Since December of 2019, Soul Fingah has become a respected DJ in SL, regularly playing for events at numerous clubs. Along with friend and DJ Partner Jahman, the “Time Machine” and “Soulful House Sundays” became very popular sessions in the Stoner Hangout.

Having been a party, special event, and college DJ at different points in his real life, his eclectic repertoire consists of classics in Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Soul/R&B. Although he’s not a huge fan of today’s music, He’ll happily play partygoers’ requests regardless of time frame. “I’m here for the party people,” he says, “I gotta give ’em what they wanna hear.”


Jan 18 2022


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Clementine Rosca


Clementine Rosca
Inworld name: Clementine Rosca