Open:Air Presents Poetry with Shyla the Super Gecko

Shyla the Super Gecko reads on 24 Jan (mon) @ 12pm slt (1200)


ABOUT THE POET: Shyla the Super Gecko

Shlya began writing at a young age, including lyrical expression. She has written and produced live sketch comedy shows and performed stand-up in Chicago. She is a published poet and has won awards for her poetry in Second Life.

Her first personal, hand-written poetry books date back to the age of eight. Now halfway through life, Shyla continues her dedication to prose and poetic forms.

Her work captures emotions associated with the question, ‘What does it feel like to [insert experience here]’. Her writings range from intense to light-hearted and upbeat.

“That I feel anything at all is a gift. There was a time I was flat; felt nothing except extreme anger or deep despair. Tears, today, are as much a gift as laughter. They remind me I am alive, living on life’s terms.”

Her readings are not to be missed, expressing the intense feeling and poetic tenor of each work. She can be heard at poetry open mics and select featured readings throughout Second Life.


Jan 24 2022


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm