Open:Air & Tangerine Flowers

Open: Air and Tangerine Flower is Ippos Managements Live Event Partner. Owned by visionary Clementine Rosca. Both Open:air and Tangerine Flowers sims’ goals are to help reduce isolation with art and music therapy. Open Mic Spoken Word and Poetry on moderate open:air sim every sim @ 4pm slt (1600). Every Thursday at noon slt (1200) Erotica Literature takes place on Tangerine Flowers Adult Sim. Current Art Exhibits of Adam Peele, Amy Inawe, Margo Hollak, Mydrin Sommer, Nellie Wilde, and Sugah Pancake can be found on open:air

All folks are welcome at Artspace Hangout, open:air especially for events in Live music and art scheduled events.

One can also surf, Dance in the Underwater Ballroom, Explore the ruins, have fun on the ferris wheel and Games on the pier over the beach, run around on the beach, find art at every corner, Float by waterfalls, Watch Movies, Enjoy The SnowGlobe, dream in a fantasy, and post pictures of this photogenic sim:
Taxi: to open:air

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